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Client’s Self-Perception and Self-Esteem

Client’s Self-Perception and Self-Esteem


As Life Coaches, one of the most recurring clients is the one with negative self-perception and low self-esteem. It is no secret that social media has affected self-image perception not only for females but for males as well. 

The young generation does not dare to post a picture on Instagram or Facebook without editing the picture or retouching it through Photoshop. The majority would not film without a filter whether on Instagram or when shooting a professional video on YouTube. 

The standards have become unrealistic due to the fake, yes fake, distorted beauty standards imposed on us as a society. 

How Social Media Affected The Mental Health Of Young Ones? 

In an interview with a 26-year-old girl, she admitted that she knew that she had beautiful skin as she always did take care of it since she was 10. However, when she was 18, she would scroll down the photos on Instagram and watch all those beautiful girls with poreless skin and without makeup. She saw their super smooth skin with zero lines and wrinkles. Unfortunately, she doubted herself and her beauty, and even worse, she blamed herself. According to her, she thought to herself that maybe she is doing something wrong with her skincare routine or the steps in which she is applying her makeup. She bought every single makeup tool that the people posting their pictures said that they were using and her skin still did not look the same. 

The young lady started experiencing low self-esteem and low self-worth as she didn’t know why she couldn’t attain those beauty standards just like everyone else. 

At this point, as life coaches, it is our responsibility to make young people more aware of the fakeness of social media. 

What is a Life Coaching Role? 

Unfortunately, by the time she had been educated that the pictures she had seen were all Photoshop, low self-esteem had taken its toll on her and she had increased the amount of makeup that she wears in order to hide her pores.

Moreover, she would never leave the house without applying makeup anymore. It is very sad to acknowledge that all this wouldn’t have happened if such beauty standards were not imposed on social media without disclosing that the pictures have been retouched in Photoshop. 

We have definitely heard of the beauty procedure “Texas Jawline.” Unfortunately, negative self-perception and low self-esteem had caused both males and females to undergo the procedure causing every jawline to look like the other without a single distinction. Of course, some procedures are exaggerated such as “lip fillers” which are done in real life and retouched in the photo. The person keeps enlarging the photo not knowing that they have crossed the limit of exaggeration because they haven’t reached that limit in their head yet.  

As Life Coaches, What Should We Do? 

Miserably, there is no solution to fixing this problem unless we convince every single individual following the distorted beauty standards and imposing it on others that they need coaching on self-esteem.

Evidently, this is impossible hence, what we can do in our industry is to educate those people on equilibrating their self-esteem and basing it on other rich factors in life rather than their negative self-perception that they “try” to neutralize through editing photos.

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