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Why Does Rejection Hurt?

Why Does Rejection Hurt?


Why Does Rejection Hurt? And What We Can Do About It? 

One thing that we need to constantly remind ourselves of is that rejection is part of life and is a forever companion until the day we die. 

As a life coach, it is important to create an awareness in your clients' minds that we will not always succeed in getting the job we wanted and we will not always gain everyone’s approval or even win the heart of the person we love. 

We must acknowledge the fact that not every social situation that we go through will end up giving us the outcome that we desire.

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Therefore, rejection as an experience needs to be accepted and normalized by us and by society instead of accentuating and catastrophizing it.

Being rejected by a romantic partner or even a potential romantic partner that we think is appropriate for us can be a great devastating catastrophe for us.

Research has shown that men’s reaction to rejection is much more outrageous when they have had sexual desires toward the woman that they have approached. 

While women are devastated after being rejected by someone with whom they have had a romantic feeling. Unfortunately, rejection is not only felt on the emotional level but on the mental and physical level as well.

What Can We Do About Rejection?  

When a child does not accomplish or get what they approached, they may want to be outrageous toward the person between them and their desire. While we must allow our children to feel what they are feeling we must also teach them the acceptable ways of expressing those feelings of frustration. We cannot stop the ache of a broken heart regardless of our age; however, we must learn how to get through the ache to the other side without hurting other people who are there to support us.

Part Of Coaching your kids and even coaching yourself, it is important to know that No matter how much you have accomplished and regardless of your emotional stability, rejection can hurt more than anything on the emotional spectrum.

Pain and anger toward rejection are extremely normal reactions to such situations as no one likes to be passed over.

However, it is bound to happen more than a few times in our life than we would like to experience. We must acknowledge that we have also rejected people more times in our life than we may know.

Most importantly, trying to prove to someone why you may be the right person for them, may actually ingrain more in their perspective why you may be the completely wrong person for them. It is wise to accept rejection instead of rejecting it and fighting it as this is more likely to decrease the value or self-worth of a person in the eye of the potential partner and themselves too.

Accepting rejection is important to keep your dignity protected. It will certainly not make you feel better to be rejected but doing so will protect you from lowering your self-worth and wanting to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with you. However, if you have 

experienced rejection several times in your life, you must assess how others may be perceiving you or how you may be presenting yourself to others. 


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