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5 Approaches To Brand Your Coaching Business

5 Approaches To Brand Your Coaching Business


Smart coaches know that no one gets to the top alone, without the recognition of their clients. Yes, a successful coach and professional coach must be confident that his knowledge, talents, and skills have a deep intrinsic value to those around him, and that they are happily willing to pay for the precious service that he is providing. 

The following list will give you a heads up for 5 IMPORTANT approaches that you can use to brand your coaching business as a professional and certified coach. 

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1-Narrow Your Niche 

There is an old saying “Specialize or Die!”. 

As a professional coach, you have to resist the urge to try and serve everyone who approaches you. Understand who you are serving and what specialty interests you as you will be able to attract the people who are meant to be your clients. Becoming a certified coach in your niche is what is going to make your coaching business shine!  

For instance, if deep down you know that you are not interested in Career Coaching, but in Relationships Coaching you find interesting, then start sharing more information about relationships so people can associate you with relationships, hence, approach you for this purpose. 

As a result, you would be more concentrated and attract the right target audience, and coaching them comes naturally to you.

2- Offer Complimentary Coaching Sessions 

We have all grown up hearing the very famous saying “If you are good at something, never do it for free” Precisely. Very true.  However, in a profession such as coaching, people are more likely to be vulnerable in the sessions, therefore, they would want to have one session with the coach that they are hesitant to trust to see if they deserve their trust or not. 

As a professional coach, you have to let people experience YOU, as it is only wise to do so. If you are good at coaching, do it only once for free only to prove how good you are. You can offer a 30-minute coaching session for each client before they commit to larger and more expensive packages to establish trust and rapport before the beginning of the coaching agreement. Assured, this will attract more clients, as a result, this means more experience for you as a coach and more entry and further penetration to the market. 

3-Ask for Testimonials 

Though many coaches around the world struggle with marketing their business coaching, and branding themselves. Many professional coaches fail to point out their strengths as they are afraid of being viewed as egotistic, it is essential and a must. 

Testimonials are essential for coaches to prove their success to their potential clients as it strengthens credibility.  

4-Be Authentic 

Believe it or not, the market today is saturated with coaches who always wear wisdom as their all-day costume. 

People are no longer thirsty for such toxic positivity that makes them feel disempowered and incapable of achieving the same state of happiness. Therefore, showing your true self to people and your struggles would help them feel safer to expose themselves to you and be vulnerable in the coaching session as they are assured that everyone goes through hardships which gives them hope. 

Being an authentic coach means sharing a small story about your journey and how to become a successful and professional coach. This will immensely impact the rapport in a positive way

5- Social Media 

There is no doubt that social media is the heart of today's world. Everything is established and introduced through social media. Therefore, one of the best and shortest ways to introduce yourself and establish your reputation with potential clients is through social media. 

It is no surprise that connecting with your potential clients through social media is another form of rapport. However, it is a double-sword weapon that can make or break it. In most cases, when coaches graduate and become certified coaches, they hassle with creating videos and posting them on social media platforms.

Unfortunately, videos may only be for some as their strength could be writing instead. Therefore, it is very important that you know what your point of strength is whether it is authoring pieces of writings and posting them or sharing your content through videos



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